5 Personal Changes That Can Increase Entrepreneurial Success

5 Personal Changes That Can Increase Entrepreneurial Success

People often focus on the business part of the term “business owner” and fail to give attention to the “owner” part. And after weeks or months of pulling all-nighters as you try to grow the company and exhausting yourself from hours of flights to and from business seminars and investor meetings, this can cause strain on your physical and mental health. Ultimately, negligence of your personal health can dull your entrepreneurial senses including your ability to think logically and make critical decisions as challenges come along. Here are five personal improvements you can do that can impact your performance in business.

Sleep More

It’s a scientific fact that humans think the sharpest when they get good sleep. A clear and mindful brain allows you to concentrate, absorb and retain information, and access it later on as needed. Meanwhile, those who deprive themselves of sleep have a higher risk of making mistakes and being less productive at work. Years of study have proven that high-quality sleep can trigger positive changes in the brain, particularly in that it solidifies memories and hones synapses between brain cells. By sleeping more, you can retain the information you learnt throughout the day more effectively.

Look Clean

Imagine if you were meeting with someone who was excessively sweating and had food stains on their clothing. Would you think he/she held a high position in office, let alone run his/her own company? Looking neat and well-groomed can go a long way with the people you meet on the road and in the workplace. For those who have been smoking for quite some time now, there are a lot of whitening options for smokers to remove or at least lessen the buildup of teeth stains.

Dress For Success

Wearing sweatpants and hoodies all week long doesn’t really attract investment into your business. It’s in human nature to be attracted by visually appealing elements and be influenced by people who we ostensibly perceive as confident and assertive. People who wear power suits, ties, and a shiny pair of black dress shoes exude power and competence. These are people who look like they can lead a crowd into something great. Dress for success on a daily basis, whether you run a traditional brick-and-mortar company or a home-based business. Invest in a few pairs of formal clothing so you have something to wear when meeting with potential investors and clientele.

Read More

Reading more books can translate to more creative ideas and a firmer grasp of different theories and concepts. More specifically, reading novels can improve your ability to relate and appreciate human emotions and situations. You can apply this ability to better understanding your target audience and establishing stronger relationships with your client base. As a business further expands and becomes more complex and multilayered, more support from the community is necessary to make scaling possible and sustainable. Aside from fiction, self-help guides are also good reads during your downtime. They provide simple-to-digest information that you can apply immediately the next day.

Manage Your Time Wisely

There’s only 24 hours in a day, a third of which is spent on sleeping, eating, showering, and doing other basic day-to-day tasks. Without proper time management, it’ll be difficult if not impossible to work on both your personal and professional responsibilities. Practice time management at home by listing all your daily tasks and dividing your time accordingly. Prioritize tasks from most important to least important, making sure that tasks such as cooking meals for your family and getting laundry done are prioritized over watching TV or browsing your phone.

Making these changes won’t happen overnight. Proactively work on them until they become unbreakable habits. Keep in mind that these personal improvements are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to self-help for startup CEOs and business owners. There are a lot more personal lifestyle hacks that can boost your proficiency as an entrepreneur.

Make an Investment in Your Mattress Encasement

Make an Investment in Your Mattress Encasement

Often, we find ourselves making decisions about financial investments. Should we invest in bonds, or stocks, or mutual funds? We tend to think of financial decisions as being the most important that we will ever make. However, there are so many other things that we can also consider investing in. Furniture in our homes is a general area that should be invested in. Specifically, something that should be invested in is a mattress encasement. This will make more sense when we discuss the reasons for the investment.

What is a Mattress Encasement?

SureGuard Mattress Encasement

Mattress encasements are made from materials such as cotton terry. They are covers that are placed around your mattress to make a shield for it. These are different than typical spring covers, and offer more protection against various elements.

Preventing the Spread of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

To protect against bed bugs, it is important to always be vigilant.  Mattress encasements are helpful for avoiding the spread of bed bugs. When you place a mattresses encasement around your mattresses, you are basically trapping all the bed bugs beneath it. They cannot emerge from the box springs, mattress or sheets. This means that they will all eventually starve to death. If you have bed bugs, or are worried about getting them, you might want to consider investing in a mattress encasement. The money that you will spend on an encasement is nothing compared to what it costs to fumigate your home trying to get rid of a bed bug infestation.

Reducing the Number of Allergens


Bed bugs aren’t the only pests that are reduced by using a mattress encasement. If you have one of these on your mattress, you will gain a source of protection against dust, dead skin, pet dander, and other allergens. They will be unable to come in contact with your skin, because the encasement is impenetrable. If you suffer from allergies, it is likely that you sometimes have difficulties sleeping. You might even have put money and time into finding solutions, just so that you can get a good night’s sleep. Investing in a mattress encasement might be the answer to your problem. Compared to buying medicine and other ‘solutions’ for your allergies, mattress encasements are really quite affordable.


Bed bugs and allergens are both forces to be reckoned with. They both have the ability to sneak into your life and disrupt your routines. If you have dealt with either of these issues in the past, you will be well-aware of the annoyance that they bring with them. They will both result in money being spent for their removal, and a loss of sleep for you. Sometimes it is easier to just bite the bullet and invest in a method that might help. Mattress encasements are proven to block both bed bugs and allergens. These encasements might not be the complete solution that you are looking for, but there is no doubt that they are at least a start.

Wise Investments for the Motorcycle Enthusiast

Wise Investments for the Motorcycle Enthusiast

Although there are a number of things we must take care of to ensure our lives are comfortable, there’s no enjoyment when we don’t make time for ourselves. It’s reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that we have gone far beyond the 40 hour workweek. In fact, the average number of hours worked is now up to 47.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and jumping on your motorcycle and embarking on a leisurely ride can offer you just what you need to unwind after a stressful day. Whether you sit behind a computer screen eight hours per day or perform grueling physical labor, the fact remains that you work hard for your money, and you want it to be used to enjoy life. There are a few wise investments you should consider that will increase the overall safety of your motorcycle ride as well as the quality.

Reflective Vest

It’s a known fact that motorcycle drivers are more difficult to see coming down the road. Unlike a car, you’ll only be taking up a fraction of the space on the roadway, and this can make it highly difficult for many drivers to see you until you’re very close.

You can increase your visibility when you invest in a reflective vest. These products come in an array of vibrant colors, and they light up in the evening hours for increased visibility. Best of all, you can still look cool as you show off your bike as there are creative designs that will be sure to turn heads and capture attention, making it highly unlikely you’ll go unnoticed on the road. A quality vest can be purchased for under $100.

Proper Protection for Those Who Use Corrective Lenses

Most of us can easily understand the vast importance of wearing protective headgear. Wearing a helmet can decrease your chances of becoming injured or killed on your bike by around 37 percent. However what many don’t take into consideration is the fact that many of these products aren’t quite suitable for those needing corrective lenses.

If you wear eyeglasses and are concerned with the fact that your helmet gets in the way, there is a solution well worth considering. Motorcycle helmets for glasses do exist, and you can find a treasure trove of information through Motorcycle Manic. Here, not only can you see what kind of products are out there, but you can also read helpful reviews from real customers. This gives you a good idea of what to expect and which products would be best suited for your unique needs.

Traction Control Brakes

Traction control technology is still relatively new, and it can prove to greatly improve the quality of your ride while keeping you safe. Sensors are installed which serve to detect the speed of your wheels, and, if one wheels begins to spin faster than the other, the system automatically engages to slow the speed of the wheel in question.

While the investment in traction control brakes can be pricey, it can easily prove well-worth the investment. Just a few valuable benefits you can take advantage of include:

  • Additional security when driving during adverse weather conditions
  • Possible discounts on insurance premiums
  • Easy installation to lower costs if you have the time, tools, and know-how to perform it yourself

Taking Your Motorcycle Enjoyment to a Whole New Level

The feeling of the wind in your hair as you cruise down the open highway is a freeing one, and you can quickly let go of the many cares of the day. Whether you’ve long been riding or have just recently picked up the hobby, you realize just how much enjoyment can be had.

However, it’s important not to overlook the many dangers associated with motorcycle use. Just a few hazards you’ll face each and every time you venture out include:

  • Emergency stops
  • Oncoming traffic
  • Gravel on roads
  • Too much speed through curves
  • Parked car doors opening

While the dangers are real, you don’t have to let that stop you from having a good time. There are many products on the market to help you enjoy a safer, higher-quality ride. When you consider these wise investments, you can make the most of your hard-earned money and truly enjoy your leisure time.

A Few Investment Ideas to Increase Your Quality of Life – Light Bars and Virtual Reality To Name A Few

A Few Investment Ideas to Increase Your Quality of Life – Light Bars and Virtual Reality To Name A Few

The current average lifespan worldwide is 71 years. It’s clear to see that we have a very limited time on this earth, and it’s important that we make the most of every minute. Fortunately for us, we have access to a number of cool technological devices that make our days exciting. Whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to make a few investments that will increase the quality of your life and put a smile on your face.

LED Light Bars


You wouldn’t think a light could offer much when it comes to versatility, but, when you utilize LED light bars, you’d be surprised at what a difference they can make. For a minimal price, you can install these products on your vehicle to:

  • Increase your visibility on the road
  • Offer increased visibility when you’re doing an outdoor activity after sundown
  • Create a sleek new look when you drive at night

These products are highly versatile, making them an excellent investment for anyone to consider.

Virtual Reality Goggles

vr-goglesImagine walking the streets of Rome, floating in the International Space Station, or just taking a leisurely walk through the rainforest in your own home. You can do just that when you make the investment in virtual reality goggles. All you need is a cell phone capable of playing videos. Your phone can be secured into the goggles, and you can experience 360 degree videos as though you’re on the scene.

Sleep Training Alarm Clock

training-alarm-clockWhile most of us understand the importance of the right food and regular exercise when it comes to maintaining our health, all too many overlook the vast importance of proper sleep. We should be getting at least seven hours of restful sleep per day, and that can sometimes be difficult to achieve in the busy world we live in. Sleep training alarms are highly intelligent clocks capable of helping you achieve the sleep you need by:

  • Tracking various habits such as hitting the snooze button and helping you form new ones based on this data
  • Connecting to your mobile devices to increase versatility
  • Allowing you to add sounds and playlists to help personalize the product

USB Aromatherapy Diffuser

usb-aromatheraphyWe face stinky situations every day. From taking out the trash to washing dirty socks and more, our olfactory nerves can sometimes take a beating. However, when it comes to your personal space, you can ensure it’s always smelling fresh when you make the minimal investment in a USB aromatherapy diffuser. These products discharge a mist at set time intervals capable of keeping the aroma even in smaller areas such as a bedroom or in the car.

If you’re pleased with the way the diffuser works, you may even consider making a larger investment in a more powerful unit capable of covering more area to allow your entire home to always smell fresh and clean.  Best of all, since they utilize USB technology, they are versatile tools that can be used almost anywhere.

Maximizing Your One Life to Live

We only have one life to live and only one chance to make the most of it. Whether you’re in a slump or just feel like you spend too much of your time feeling bored, technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and there are plenty of fun and interesting gadgets on the market to help ensure you’re always entertained and intrigued. By making some or even all of these investments, you can start enjoying an increased overall quality of life.

Latest Hunting Safety Products Worth Investing In

Latest Hunting Safety Products Worth Investing In

Hunting has deep roots in Canada, and it could be considered a national past time that runs in the blood. Whether you get out and enjoy a day on the prowl for subsistence, trade, conservation, or any other reason, the fact remains that you don’t have to face the wild the old fashioned way.

We live in modern times, and you can take advantage of that the next time you plan a hunting expedition. Not only can you save yourself time and money and increase convenience, but you can even increase safety measures to limit your chances encountering of any of the many dangerous circumstances nature has to throw your way. There are a few products worth considering investing in to achieve just that.

Keeping Wildlife at Bay

The whole purpose of hunting is to encounter wildlife. However, you don’t want to find yourself playing defense when this occurs. Despite this fact, every year, hunters do face dangerous circumstances when animals like bears catch them off-guard, and the results can be fatal. While there are techniques to increase your likelihood of surviving such an attack, in a moment of terror, it can be difficult to recall what you may have read or heard.

Bear spray and other repellents give you the time you need to escape encounters with wildlife. It just takes a second to spray, and the animal will be temporarily unable to follow through with the attack. There are many products on the market, and you can start browsing reliable bear spray reviews now.

Electric Charge

solar generatorNo matter how far we geographically locate ourselves from society, the fact remains that we rely heavily on our electronic devices. In fact, it’s estimated by the CMO Council that nearly 70 percent of Canadians now rely on their cell phones in order to do everything from checking their email to finding the best places in town to eat. Because of this, it’s important that you’re able to maintain a charge while on your hunting trip.
New advancements on generators have made it easier than ever to enjoy your trip while maintaining a power supply. These products can be as light as 67 pounds all while still offering:

  • Up to 2000 watts of AC power
  • 20-amp duplex receptacle
  • Emergency stop control
  • Internal circuit breaker
  • Spark arrester
  • Convenient carry handle

Reduce Visibility of Your Blind

man camouflageFew things are more frustrating for a hunter than when a potential target recognizes the presence of their blind. The University of Georgia has performed hours of research on animals such as deer, and they have revealed how much differently animals see the world than us. That means a seemingly hidden blind may be highly apparent to your intended target. However, there are new products on the market to help prevent this using natural foliage. These products are able to conceal shiny fabric surfaces and significantly reduce wind movement to increase your chances of a successful hunting trip.

Investments That Pay Back

investmentWhether you’re an avid hunter or only make it out on occasion, these products can significantly improve the overall quality of each session. Armed with any or all of these products, you can more efficiently supervise safety as well as better enjoy the improved quality of the trip. This makes the investment one that can truly pay back.

Security Apparel – a business worth investing

Unknown many, there is  new fad right now, and if you have any sleeping money, it might be great to invest on it.

I am talking about the budding business of selling security apparels. Yes, security as in security officers, police, guards, etc. These are the uniforms and jackets that security personals often wear on during their shifts, and even during special missions.

It is a growing industry because a lot of businesses are rising and along with that rise is the increase for the demand of security staff.

Beyond the promise of investment in this budding field, I see that getting into this business will also be a way for you to meet people in the security industry. This becomes an opportunity to make friends with people who have the license and capacity to protect you. This also means that you are investing in a business that is secure, as it is highly unlikely that people in this field would scam you or run from you.

The business involves creating a network with people and clients that work to protect the people. This means that beyond the money you would be earning, you will also be gaining connections that has the promise to take you to more and more clients. You see, people in this industry are more or less interconnected. Hence, if one agency is satisfied with your products, there is a great chance that they will recommend you to other security agencies. When this happens, your business grows on its own, with little to no effort from you in terms of marketing.

If you get the chance to try to sell these products online, observe your investments carefully and when you see that the opportunity is real, go ahead and put up a physical store and earn more and more dollars.

Investing In Bushnell – Rifle Scopes Boom

Investing In Bushnell – Rifle Scopes Boom

Whether you are in the woods hunting dear, in the field shooting turkey, or protecting our great nation hunting terrorists, the right scope can make all the difference. Your scope needs to be accurate and clear to ensure that you hit your mark. With a wide variety of scopes on the market, how do you know you have selected the correct model? The good people at Bushnell have all your hunting and tactical needs to ensure you leave your mark in the shooting world.

Choosing A Rifle Scope

Choosing the perfect scope can be difficult due to the many manufacturers and models on the market. To ensure you know what you are looking for, we recommend visiting gungods.net. This site will give you great reviews of scopes in your price range as well as tell you just how a scope works. Not only that, but the site will tell you exactly what you will need for your given situation. The people who review these scopes will also give you examples of what they liked and did not like about each scope.

You may be asking yourself, why invest in Bushnell? We have the answer for you. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or just beginning with target shooting, Bushnell has a scope that will perfectly suit your needs. Not only does Bushnell carry a wide variety of hunting scopes, but you can find scopes that will fit your tactical rifle as well. Perhaps shooting isn’t your main sport and you need a rangefinder for the golf course, Bushnell can help with that as well as a variety of binoculars that can be used for sightseeing, hunting, or even bird watching. If that is what you are into, of course.

Bushnell has been the industry leader in sports optics for over 65 years and they do not expect that to change anytime soon. It is no surprise that the high quality scopes have won several awards for their design and performance. With that being said, Bushnell continues to find new technology that keeps their products on top of the game.

Contrary to what you may be thinking about the affordability of such a top quality scope, Bushnell optics can be found at incredibly affordable prices. You can even find Bushnell scopes that cost less that $100 depending on if it will suit your needs. Not only are these scopes affordable, they are easy to find. With a wide variety of distributors from local retailers to online purchasing agents such as eBay, you will no doubt be able to find your perfect scope within minutes.

One of the main problems we seem to have with our scopes is damage. Perhaps you accidentally dropped your rifle or you found a manufacturer defect in the scope you just purchased, many of Bushnell’s products come with a “no questions asked” lifetime guarantee. There is also a lifetime limited warranty. This does not cover any consumer caused damages to your scope but does cover and manufacturer defects. Bushnell also provides a one year limited warranty, a 90 day limited warranty and a money back guarantee on select models provided the defect falls under the specific guidelines.

What more could you ask for from a company? With the wide variety of scopes to choose from, the good creature of Bushnell have the perfect product for you and satisfaction is always guaranteed. What are you waiting for? Hit the bullseye by investing in Bushnell.

How Stock Market Changed The Life Of A Man

Only a few people are convinced that the stock market can also be a great way to gain financial stability, even for those who do not have enough financial resources to start on it, let alone survive.

In order to convince people that the stock market is a fair ground of opportunity for everyone, rich and poor, here is a story of someone who was able to rise from the ashes of life, all thanks to stock marketing. (more…)

Tracking Stocks With An iPhone

Stock Trading with iPhone

Image credit: www.hippestphone.com

I would love to share a bit of what I’ve learned from my two and a half years of experience with playing the stock market from the comforts of my iPhone. It was my father who actually directed me to stocks business but it was me who taught him how to navigate the touch screen phone. He used to be the old-fashioned investor who used a telephone and call a full service broker to place his order. Then he went on tracking updates and trends from the space of his desktop. Until the introduction of smartphones like the iPhone changed the old ways. As a man in his past midlife, I bet it was not too late to learn and be a part of the whole new generation who’s being primed to navigate the world of electronics. Well, he gladly embraced the new technology.

I made sure that his iPhone was unlocked, just because he needs the flexibility. Before I completely allowed him to take charge of his own iPhone, I checked a website that gave tips on how to unlock an iPhone gadget. Thankfully, the site was able to pull off what I needed for my dad’s new iPhone.

After I unlocked the iPhone, I searched for apps inclined for stock marketing. Among the many apps, i thought of using the ADVFN Stocks app from the App Store – iTunes because of the positive reviews it gets. This app has been an ideal tool for us. It provides the latest advanced trading tools and includes live price data streaming and stock quotes. It is straight to the point and has all the necessary information we needed to trade with confidence. The iPhone has become my dad’s constant companion from then on. Everything he needs to know seems to be right at his own fingertips.

It’s from my dad where I learned how the stock market works, when to buy and sell shares and most importantly, how to secure my future. He did not only teach me the symbols and technicalities of the stock market business but the value of saving as well. Since I was a kid, he had been giving me advice that whatever my long-term goals are, I must invest at least some of my savings in the stock market. He assured to me that despite the risky venture, the stock market is one of the few time-tested routes to financial security. One has just to know how to play wisely. Before investing a single cent, it’s better to educate yourself on the basics of stock market. There are available apps which get you into practice and allow you to test your strategy and manage a personal portfolio. It makes good sense to engage in ‘play’ stock market before actually investing any real money. Educating yourself doesn’t end up here. It is also important that you do a research on your stocks. As a potential investor you have to know more about the company where you want to put your money into. Smart investing means staying in the know. Nevertheless, an easy grasp of all the needed information is possible if we make use of apps on phone. Securing a future or a comfortable retirement is always a good idea and having a reliable mobile device like the iPhone is one good investment.