People often focus on the business part of the term “business owner” and fail to give attention to the “owner” part. And after weeks or months of pulling all-nighters as you try to grow the company and exhausting yourself from hours of flights to and from business seminars and investor meetings, this can cause strain on your physical and mental health. Ultimately, negligence of your personal health can dull your entrepreneurial senses including your ability to think logically and make critical decisions as challenges come along. Here are five personal improvements you can do that can impact your performance in business.

Sleep More

It’s a scientific fact that humans think the sharpest when they get good sleep. A clear and mindful brain allows you to concentrate, absorb and retain information, and access it later on as needed. Meanwhile, those who deprive themselves of sleep have a higher risk of making mistakes and being less productive at work. Years of study have proven that high-quality sleep can trigger positive changes in the brain, particularly in that it solidifies memories and hones synapses between brain cells. By sleeping more, you can retain the information you learnt throughout the day more effectively.

Look Clean

Imagine if you were meeting with someone who was excessively sweating and had food stains on their clothing. Would you think he/she held a high position in office, let alone run his/her own company? Looking neat and well-groomed can go a long way with the people you meet on the road and in the workplace. For those who have been smoking for quite some time now, there are a lot of whitening options for smokers to remove or at least lessen the buildup of teeth stains.

Dress For Success

Wearing sweatpants and hoodies all week long doesn’t really attract investment into your business. It’s in human nature to be attracted by visually appealing elements and be influenced by people who we ostensibly perceive as confident and assertive. People who wear power suits, ties, and a shiny pair of black dress shoes exude power and competence. These are people who look like they can lead a crowd into something great. Dress for success on a daily basis, whether you run a traditional brick-and-mortar company or a home-based business. Invest in a few pairs of formal clothing so you have something to wear when meeting with potential investors and clientele.

Read More

Reading more books can translate to more creative ideas and a firmer grasp of different theories and concepts. More specifically, reading novels can improve your ability to relate and appreciate human emotions and situations. You can apply this ability to better understanding your target audience and establishing stronger relationships with your client base. As a business further expands and becomes more complex and multilayered, more support from the community is necessary to make scaling possible and sustainable. Aside from fiction, self-help guides are also good reads during your downtime. They provide simple-to-digest information that you can apply immediately the next day.

Manage Your Time Wisely

There’s only 24 hours in a day, a third of which is spent on sleeping, eating, showering, and doing other basic day-to-day tasks. Without proper time management, it’ll be difficult if not impossible to work on both your personal and professional responsibilities. Practice time management at home by listing all your daily tasks and dividing your time accordingly. Prioritize tasks from most important to least important, making sure that tasks such as cooking meals for your family and getting laundry done are prioritized over watching TV or browsing your phone.

Making these changes won’t happen overnight. Proactively work on them until they become unbreakable habits. Keep in mind that these personal improvements are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to self-help for startup CEOs and business owners. There are a lot more personal lifestyle hacks that can boost your proficiency as an entrepreneur.