The current average lifespan worldwide is 71 years. It’s clear to see that we have a very limited time on this earth, and it’s important that we make the most of every minute. Fortunately for us, we have access to a number of cool technological devices that make our days exciting. Whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to make a few investments that will increase the quality of your life and put a smile on your face.

LED Light Bars


You wouldn’t think a light could offer much when it comes to versatility, but, when you utilize LED light bars, you’d be surprised at what a difference they can make. For a minimal price, you can install these products on your vehicle to:

  • Increase your visibility on the road
  • Offer increased visibility when you’re doing an outdoor activity after sundown
  • Create a sleek new look when you drive at night

These products are highly versatile, making them an excellent investment for anyone to consider.

Virtual Reality Goggles

vr-goglesImagine walking the streets of Rome, floating in the International Space Station, or just taking a leisurely walk through the rainforest in your own home. You can do just that when you make the investment in virtual reality goggles. All you need is a cell phone capable of playing videos. Your phone can be secured into the goggles, and you can experience 360 degree videos as though you’re on the scene.

Sleep Training Alarm Clock

training-alarm-clockWhile most of us understand the importance of the right food and regular exercise when it comes to maintaining our health, all too many overlook the vast importance of proper sleep. We should be getting at least seven hours of restful sleep per day, and that can sometimes be difficult to achieve in the busy world we live in. Sleep training alarms are highly intelligent clocks capable of helping you achieve the sleep you need by:

  • Tracking various habits such as hitting the snooze button and helping you form new ones based on this data
  • Connecting to your mobile devices to increase versatility
  • Allowing you to add sounds and playlists to help personalize the product

USB Aromatherapy Diffuser

usb-aromatheraphyWe face stinky situations every day. From taking out the trash to washing dirty socks and more, our olfactory nerves can sometimes take a beating. However, when it comes to your personal space, you can ensure it’s always smelling fresh when you make the minimal investment in a USB aromatherapy diffuser. These products discharge a mist at set time intervals capable of keeping the aroma even in smaller areas such as a bedroom or in the car.

If you’re pleased with the way the diffuser works, you may even consider making a larger investment in a more powerful unit capable of covering more area to allow your entire home to always smell fresh and clean.  Best of all, since they utilize USB technology, they are versatile tools that can be used almost anywhere.

Maximizing Your One Life to Live

We only have one life to live and only one chance to make the most of it. Whether you’re in a slump or just feel like you spend too much of your time feeling bored, technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and there are plenty of fun and interesting gadgets on the market to help ensure you’re always entertained and intrigued. By making some or even all of these investments, you can start enjoying an increased overall quality of life.