Hunting has deep roots in Canada, and it could be considered a national past time that runs in the blood. Whether you get out and enjoy a day on the prowl for subsistence, trade, conservation, or any other reason, the fact remains that you don’t have to face the wild the old fashioned way.

We live in modern times, and you can take advantage of that the next time you plan a hunting expedition. Not only can you save yourself time and money and increase convenience, but you can even increase safety measures to limit your chances encountering of any of the many dangerous circumstances nature has to throw your way. There are a few products worth considering investing in to achieve just that.

Keeping Wildlife at Bay

The whole purpose of hunting is to encounter wildlife. However, you don’t want to find yourself playing defense when this occurs. Despite this fact, every year, hunters do face dangerous circumstances when animals like bears catch them off-guard, and the results can be fatal. While there are techniques to increase your likelihood of surviving such an attack, in a moment of terror, it can be difficult to recall what you may have read or heard.

Bear spray and other repellents give you the time you need to escape encounters with wildlife. It just takes a second to spray, and the animal will be temporarily unable to follow through with the attack. There are many products on the market, and you can start browsing reliable bear spray reviews now.

Electric Charge

solar generatorNo matter how far we geographically locate ourselves from society, the fact remains that we rely heavily on our electronic devices. In fact, it’s estimated by the CMO Council that nearly 70 percent of Canadians now rely on their cell phones in order to do everything from checking their email to finding the best places in town to eat. Because of this, it’s important that you’re able to maintain a charge while on your hunting trip.
New advancements on generators have made it easier than ever to enjoy your trip while maintaining a power supply. These products can be as light as 67 pounds all while still offering:

  • Up to 2000 watts of AC power
  • 20-amp duplex receptacle
  • Emergency stop control
  • Internal circuit breaker
  • Spark arrester
  • Convenient carry handle

Reduce Visibility of Your Blind

man camouflageFew things are more frustrating for a hunter than when a potential target recognizes the presence of their blind. The University of Georgia has performed hours of research on animals such as deer, and they have revealed how much differently animals see the world than us. That means a seemingly hidden blind may be highly apparent to your intended target. However, there are new products on the market to help prevent this using natural foliage. These products are able to conceal shiny fabric surfaces and significantly reduce wind movement to increase your chances of a successful hunting trip.

Investments That Pay Back

investmentWhether you’re an avid hunter or only make it out on occasion, these products can significantly improve the overall quality of each session. Armed with any or all of these products, you can more efficiently supervise safety as well as better enjoy the improved quality of the trip. This makes the investment one that can truly pay back.