If the previous blog post about a man’s story of success through the stock market impressed you and has you wanting for more, then you are in luck!

Below is another tale from a man who took it longer to succeed in the industry. However, take a good note at the fact that despite this man’s struggles, the end word was still – SUCCESS.

Stock Exchange Stories

Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

The stock exchange market is a place where traders purchase and sell shares of companies. Shares are a part of a company and when you buy a share, it simply means you own a piece of that company. The price of shares vary, but is basically dependent between the supply and demand. The price of share goes up if many traders are interested to purchase a stock. On the other hand, the share goes down if there are many sellers.

I am a stockbroker for ten years now and I find this job a profitable one. I must admit, for a stockbroker there is no such thing as typical day. In this type of job, it seems as though you are running a small business. You manage your own time. It really is up to you when, who, and how you work with. If you take the stock exchange market a serious job, then you will surely enjoy a wonderful life of leisure. However, working as a stockbroker is not always a bed of roses. I must admit, the first few years were gruelling. I struggled finding clients with assets to invest.

On my fifth year in the industry, I was able to build great connections. Yes, it took me five long years to market myself. I did my research, showed up at the office for several hours making sure that I was there before the stock market opens for trading. Getting new clients is a must because only then will I be able to generate commission. In my normal work days, I spent a few hours contacting my existing clients. During lunch time, I personally meet a few clients to build connections, and another few hours to wrap up the paperwork for a particular work day. When I get home, I still spend at least two hours making cold calls and communicating with my prospect clients. There are even times when I have to sacrifice my weekends just to make sure that things are doing fine and that I will be able to generate profit.

If you are going to ask me how it was working in the stock exchange market, I will tell you that it is a bittersweet experience. Just like any other jobs out there, if you want to be successful then you should be more than willing to work your ass off.